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The SSI Essentials 5.0 platform includes the broadest range of headwear, handwear, electronics, bags, socks and other essentals gear category sales trends compiled and presented by SSI Data. Your access agreement determines the category groups (Groups) you may access above.

If you would like more information on a particular SSI Essentials data category Group or do not know which category Group to access, please reach out to SSI Data Client Solutions or your account manager. You can also learn more about the SSI Data 5.0 technology release once you are logged into the platform. If you do not currently have access, contact Client Solutions for a demo and platform overview.

If you have questions about the new SSI Data 5.0 platforms, user access or need help logging on to the system, please contact SSI Data at 303-997-7302 or email the Client Solutions team at: solutions@SportsOneSource.com.

PLEASE NOTE: SSI Data platform pages will be unavailable from 8am to 9am ET each Thursday morning as new weekly data is refreshed.